Puppy Guide

So here we are! You've decided on an Irish Wolfhound Puppy from Grimm Acres, Irish Wolfhounds of KY! Now you should be getting ready to bring home your new puppy. You've given it much consideration and you know you can handle the responsibility.  So here is a list of the following items for puppy's comfort and of course yours.

Food & water dish, feeding stand.  We prefer the aluminum 5 quart ones for food and water inside and out.  Feed from chair or a special feeding stand.
Puppy dog food.  We feed ours Diamond Naturals Puppy from tractor and supply. 
Washable blanket or foam pad with a washable covering.
We like to use the Greyhound no slip collars and 6 foot leash. 
Baby gate.  Yes, just like for a human junior.  You'll be glad you made the investment.
Wire exercise pen.  One is usually enough.  They come in all sizes but we prefer the 36"-8 panel one. 
Toys, chewies.  Be sure they are hard rubber and that bell’s or squeaky things cannot be torn out and swallowed.  Pig ears, hooves and Kong's are good.

Responsible dog owners become Happy dog owners and your neighbors will like you better.  Set up a schedule during the first few days for the dog to go out, to exercise and to eat.  Dogs learn better when they have a routine. However we find that free-feeding is best, as Irish Wolfhounds have small tummies (like cheetahs) and cannot consume all in one meal. Read books on puppy training and the breed.  Clear the house of things that could hurt your puppy or cause sickness; close all closet and bathroom doors; make ONE place for the puppy and keep blanket/bed there.